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To learn more about the team selections, read exclusive Air Force Prediction Nevada details.

The match between the Air Force Falcons and Nevada Wolf Pack will begin at 11:00 PM EST on February 3, 2023. The playoff is expected to draw huge viewers in the United States as it begins and ends late at night. Based on the statistics of each team, thousands are interested in placing a wager. Let’s now check Air Force Prediction Nevada.

AFF predictions:

AFF’s performance in this season was average. Sources predict that AFF will win by 51.2% confidence. With 12-11 stats for this season, AFF’s SPREAD is +11.5-115 and an OVER total point between 133.5 & 115. AFF has +450 odds on Moneyline.

  • AFF scored 39% RoI and +9.40 units in 22 games.
  • AFF scored 46% RoI and +8.60 units in 13 of the 17 games. Let’s look at the past performance of Nevada against air Force.
  • AFF scored 12% ROI in 11 of 19 games and earned +6.35 Units.
  • AFF scored 27% ROI in 11 games with +5.10 units, out of 16 games.
  • AFF scored 1% ROI in 9 of 17 games and earned +0.25 Units.
  • AFF had fought fifteen-eight times against the SPREAD, scoring 24.51% ROI and +6.2 Units.

Predictions for the NWP

NWP is a good team, but has better stats than AFF. The Nevada basketball 2023 team is more likely to win the game. Sources predict NWP will win by 73.1% confidence. With 17-6 stats, NWP gained SPREAD points this season of -(11.5)-105, an UNDER total point between 133.5 and105. Moneyline has NWP with odds of -(650).

  • NWP scored 1H games UNDER in 45 games scoring 10% ROI and +5.10 units.
  • NWP was able to reach the SPREAD in 18 of 26 games with a 36% RoI and +10.30 Units.
  • NWP won Moneyline in 20 of the 31 games. This was a 17% RoI score with +12.85 units. Let’s take a look at the Nevada vs Air Force Prediction.
  • NWP scored 45% ROI and +4.65 Units in seven of the nine games.
  • NWP scored 28% ROI on 32 games with +10 units, and
  • NWP was fourteen-seven to the SPREAD, scoring 0% ROI and +6.3 Units.


NWP made 21% right-hand corner attempts and 1.7 three-pointers/game. Air Force Prediction Nevada is up to you. AFF made 47% of its shots from within the arc and scored 5.0 three-pointers per game. AFF has 7.1 Tumovers, compared to 10.6 by NWP. AFF has an average of 23 defensive rebounds, compared to 26.4 by NWP. AFF has allowed 5.0 three-pointers to be made, versus 8.5 by NWP.

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